Friday, March 23, 2018

Movies I've Enjoyed Recently

Anyone who has read my blog for very long knows that I enjoy movies. I don’t just enjoy the movies everyone is going to see, but I also like some movies that a lot of people don’t know about. Here are a few of the movies I have enjoyed recently.

Growing Up Smith

The children of immigrants often live in two worlds. There is the world of their parents homeland they live in their homes. And there is the world of the culture of their new land that these children face each day in school. Smith is a ten year old boy who is living this life. He wants to know what it’s like to be like everyone else in his school. He is constantly reminded of just how different he is in every day interactions. His American school mates see his Halloween costume as an elephant instead of reflecting his Indian heritage, and he just wants to find out what chicken tastes like when he tries Kentucky Fried Chicken. I liked this movie because it shows just how difficult it is to get comfortable in your own skin no matter what your heritage is. And the movie does have a happy ending.

The Lunchbox

Imagine receiving a note from a stranger in your lunchbox. Would you read it? Would you respond to the note? That is the beginning of a relationship between a man who is close and a housewife. The man receives the meal that was meant for the woman’s husband. He responds to her note in the lunchbox and a friendship grows between the two. But the question then becomes do the two of them meet in the real world? I liked this movie because it shows the possibilities when you put aside what we normally see. These two are an unlikely pair who share many of their secrets. It is a nice story. And there is a reason it won awards at Cannes.

My Life As A Zucchini

This is an animated movie about a boy who becomes an orphan. The boy has a secret. Like so many individuals he blames himself for his mothers death. He finds love and friendship at the orphanage. But he is afraid he will lose his best friend when he has the chance to be adopted. The film is made with claymation. It is a sweet story that people of all ages will enjoy.

The Looming Tower

This is actually a series that is running on Hulu. It is based on the book of with the same title. It’s all about the investigations prior to the 9/11 attac. The battle between the FBI and the CIA over information that might stop terrorist attacks. A new episode comes out each Wednesday. If you enjoy stories based on true events you will like this show. The program uses real footage from the incidents that occurred. It makes it feel a little more real.

Unfinished Song

If you like sentimental movies this one is for you. A grumpy old man is married to a popular woman who is terminally ill. She loves to sing with her friends in the senior singing group at the local community center. When the passes away, the man is grief stricken. He cuts off contact with his son. But he finds himself at the community center singing with the group his wife was involved with. But where will this take him? This is a sweet movie, about mourning. Everybody mourns in different ways. And it shows how one individual does make a difference in so many people's lives. If you enjoy music, and sentimental movies check this one out.

So do any of you have movie recommendations for me?

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Too Faced Mermaid Tear Review

Too Faced is a great cosmetic line. They have the reputation of putting out fun and high quality beuty products. I picked up the Mermaid Tears Lip Topper. I mean how can you resist something called Mermaid Tears.

The Product

The product comes in a green box with Mermaid Tears printed on the front. Inside the box was the product. The product comes in a clear container with a top twist off lid.

I opened it up and it was a glossy green color. The product description claims that it is a holographic lip gloss that enhances your lip shade. It is part of their Mystical Effects set which is based on the idea that everyday should be full of good vibes.

I didn't have any lipstick on when I first tried the gloss. But the products website claims that it would have a prima like effect on lips without products. I put it on, and the colors did shift based on how the light was hitting it. It left a shimmery blue effect overall. I liked it. And overall, it looked good on me. I thought there would be a greenish tint, but more of the blue shades in the green came out. It wasn't a dark blue, but more of a shiny light blue.

The gloss itself left my lips feeling soft. Sometimes you put on a lip gloss, and some of the ingredients may dry your lips. But this formula was great for my lips. I wanted to learn more about the ingredients so I went to Too Faced website. It did have a full list of ingredients.

The product does not advertise as an organic product, and when I read the list of ingredients I saw why. I couldn't pronounce most of them, but some of what gives the lip gloss that great feeling is some of the ingredients. I looked into them, but I didn't find any negative information on the items listed. So this made me feel good.

Overall, I like this product. I liked that it gave a kind of rainbow prism look to my lips when it was applied. I also liked the packaging. The box color and design did remind me of mermaid skin. And I liked how it made my lips feel. The cost of this gloss is $19. This is a little more than I would normally pay for a lip gloss, but I do have to take in to consideration that there is a brand attached to this product. And sometimes you pay for what you get right?

I love the name of the name of this product, and I hope that they continue to make it.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

The New Spring Outfit

So since spring is finally here. I wanted a new outfit. I wanted something that looked like a box a Crayola crayons exploded onto it. And guess what I found something.

I think I did a good job of finding something colorful don't you? My faithful followers already know that blue is my absolute favorite color. So when I decided on something new for the wardrobe. I headed to the thrift store and I was fortunate enough to find some ultramarine blue colors. Nice and bright.

I did have trouble finding shoes and a purse to go with this outfit. I really wanted a lot of blue in all of the outfit. And I wanted a little bit of a kawaii feel to it. That is not always something that is easy to accomplish. But I went to target and found this adorable cute little purse with blue accents. It would work!
I also went to the children's department and found some cute little slip on shoes. I am so glad at times that I have small feet. I was The children's section always has cuter shoes. And they cost less!

I knew that I already had some hair accessories at home so I didn't bother picking those up. But I have yet to find that perfect match for jewelry to go with the outfit.
So let me know what you think of my new outfit. And what do you want for spring?

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

I Listened To The News Today

I listened to the news today. I was troubled by some of what I heard.  I heard about people in Puerto Rico who are having difficulty getting their homes rebuilt after the hurricane. I wondered to myself why is it so complicated to get people something they need. And why is this relief project so screwed up?

I heard about a city in Kansas that is welcoming immigrants. They actually realize that they are an important part of their economy. But there always seem to be a few individuals in each community that want to hurt others. These individuals planned to target these immigrants for violence. I wondered just what is wrong with these individuals? Are they hurting? And I wasn’t surprised when I heard they were claiming that it was all someone else’s idea. Why won’t people admit that they are screw ups.

I heard about the fourth bomb that went off in Texas. I wondered what you think about when you decide to build a bomb? Is the person who is building these thinking about the pain they will inflict on others? And maybe whoever it is should find a new hobby.

I realized that there is little I can do about these problems. All I can do is be kind to the individuals I come in contact with each day. Isn’t that the real news of the day?

Monday, March 19, 2018

You're The Star Blog Hop

I used to say that the best thing about living in Indiana was that we didn't have to deal with the time change. But then a few years ago, they decided that we should participate in Daylight Savings Time. I'm not really impressed with the outcome. Yes, it is light later in the evening, but the time that I want it to be light in the morning when I get off work, it is still dark. I used to enjoy going out to the garden early in the morning before anyone else was awake. It's great in the spring to be able to go out around 5am and get a lot accomplished. But those days are over, and I have to figure out how to get my gardening accomplished when it isn't light at the crack of dawn.
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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Spend The Day Outdoors

Daylight savings time has arrived and that means that it stays light just a little bit longer. And that means there’s more time for you to spend outside with your family or just spending some quality time relaxing alone. Here’s a few things to remember before you go on your outdoor adventure.


Imagine being out on the hike of your life. The scenery is spectacular. You feel at one with nature. Then you feel a hunger pang. You look through your bag and there’s nothing to snack on. Don’t forget your snacks. You are burning off calories and you will need to fuel your body in order to enjoy the rest of the day.

Stay Warm And Dry

Have you ever watched an old western? There is always someone mentions that it gets cold in the desert at night. It’s true it’s always cooler at night. But you also have to keep in mind it is cooler in wooded areas. And you can die of exposure when temperatures are in the sixties. And remember to dress in layers so you don’t face these problems.


Shut the phone off for a little while. You will find when you spend the day outdoors, it’s much more relaxing if you don’t have outside distractions. You will find that you listen to the world around you. You will also see more, it just takes a couple of minutes for you to begin to realize that there is so much more going on in the world.

Hopefully you will be able to enjoy the world just a little more if you put some of these into action.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

The Luck Of The Irish

Leprechauns, castles, good luck and laughter. Lullabies, dreams and love everlasting.  Poems and songs with pipes and drums. A thousand welcomes when anyone comes. That’s the Irish for you.

Happy Saint Patrick's Day